All Up in My Business
Season 2, Episode 4
All Up in My Business
Air date June 6, 2012
Written by Sarah Jane Cunningham and
Suzie V. Freeman
Directed by Melissa Joan Hart
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"Good to Go"
"The Knockout"

All Up in My Business is the fourth episode in season two of Melissa & Joey, and the 34th episode of the overall series. It first aired on June 6, 2012 back to back with Good to Go.


After Mel fails to pay bills to the gas company, Joe takes over the bill-paying responsibilies in the household. Joe hears that Mel is having lunch with a married man. He also notices recurring charges on her credit card at a hotel, and he assumes that Mel is having an affair. He seeks to expose her. In reality, she checks in a hotel regularly in order to have some time to herself, since every day she is swamped at work and home with problems. Joe helps Mel have the hotel experience in her own home by buying her a DVD, a soft velvet robe, a thousand-count sheets, and a hotel chocolate bar.

After getting weird reactions from her friend Scarlett's new boyfriend, Haskell, Lennox invites them both over in attempt to fix all the awkwardness and make friends with him. It turns out that Haskell has a crush on Lennox and has been dating Scarlett by accident. He put a note in Scarlett's locker asking her out, a note that was supposed to be put in Lennox's locker. Scarlett dumps him when she learns this news. Haskell asks Lennox if he can ask her out after waiting the standard 3 months. Lennox says he can, implying that she might want to be his boyfriend sooner than that.

Meanwhile, Ryder looks for a perfect birthday present for Holly. He ends up getting her a red shirt she already owns, which immediately makes him nervous, but Holly is pleased because that means he knows exactly what she likes. She rewards him with a kiss.