Haskell Davis






Sam Davis(Father)

Unnamed Mother



Lennox Scanlon(ex-girlfriend)

Haskell Davis is Lennox 's boyfriend from Season 2 episode "All Up in My Business" to Pretty Big Liars. He sat behind Lennox during Math and stared at Lennox's neck, a lot before dating her; a fact that creeps out Lennox.

All Up in My BusinessEdit

After getting weird reactions from her friend Scarlett's new boyfriend, Haskell, Lennox invites them both over in an attempt to fix all the awkwardness and make friends with him. It turns out that Haskell has a crush on Lennox and has been dating Scarlett by accident. He put a note in Scarlett's locker asking her out, a note that was supposed to be put in Lennox's locker. Scarlett dumps him when she learns this news. Haskell asks Lennox if he can ask her out after waiting the standard 3 months. Lennox says he can, implying that she might want to be his boyfriend sooner than that.

Mixed DoublesEdit

 Lennox decides to start her own blog after being kicked off the school website. However, it ends up consuming most of her time and thus leaving her new boyfriend, Haskell, feeling ignored.

The DonorEdit

Lennox and Haskell have problems when Haskell wants to sell an old book that they found at a garage sale for a large sum of money while Lennox sees the book as a symbol of their love. This is his last physical appearance on the show.

Pretty Big Liars Edit

Though not physically present, Haskell is mentioned a few times in the episode. First when Lennox tells Mel about him making out with Marissa. Then Sam mentions him in the coffee shop and finally when Lennox tells Mel that Haskell told her that Mel and Sam are seeing each other behind their backs. She also says that they got back together.

Works for Me Edit

Joe mentions that Lennox broke up with him right after meeting Zander.

Trivia Edit

  • Haskell is the last guy Lennox dated for Season Two.
  • He is also the last guy she dates before dating Zander Carlson, her fiancé.