Holly Reback
Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday 1996
Hometown Toledo, Ohio
Profession Student
Family & Friends
Parents Suzanne Reback

Paul Reback

Friends Lennox Scanlon
Frenemies Charlotte
Pet(s) none
Production Information
First appearance "Toledo's Next Top Model"
Portrayed by Rachel G. Fox

Holly is Ryder's extremely controling girlfriend.


Holly can be very manipulative and controlling, often striking fear into people and making them do whatever she wants. Holly becomes easilly jealous when others are around Ryder and does whatever it takes to make them go away. But despite this until recently she is very loyal to Ryder. She does have a heart as seen when she felt bad about the cheating.


Ryder is Holly's Boyfriend who will do anything to make her happy and is easily persuaded so he is usually submissive to her demands.

Lennox is not exactly scared of Holly because she is honest to Holly but she is a little frightened because she wanted to talk where there are witnesses.

Tim Logan is the guy Holly cheated on Ryder with. Holly then broke up with Ryder after he was caught smoking pot on a school field trip.