Mel and Joe are a newly married couple. Joe has been looking after Mel's niece and nephew for 3 years because their mum and dad are in prison and nobody is there to look after them. Mel took the opportunity to look after them, but she realized that she couldn't do it on her own as she has to deal with her own work. When she decides to hire a nanny, Joe comes into the picture. On the way they had some lose patchings but eventually became a couple.

Season 1Edit


  • Joe helped Mel with a Lennox crisis even though it was through a bribe.
  • Mel felt sorry for Joe when he had no job, his wife dumped him and he is living in a car and because he said he is good with kids she temporary hired him to try out to become a nanny,
  • After they shook hands when Mel gave Joe the job for definite and Joe left to go into the kitchen Mel didn't walk away like most people would but just stood there looking but then she ripped up the paper of a nanny she was going to hire, Joe also looked back once he was in the kitchen.

Moving On

  • Mel gave Joe advice to stand up to his ex-wife.
  • Mel helped Joe move his stuff which could be a sign that she wanted to touch his hands and he allowed her to help him.
  • Mel thought of buying a new chair for Joe although it didn't actually end well.
  • Joe told Mel that Theo wasn't into her most likely because he knew he wasn't but he was.
  • When Lennox and Ryder asked Mel if they can keep the TV she said she never thought she could adjust to it but now that it is here she thinks it isn't that bad and she started smiling at Joe and he smiled back which obviously meant she was referring to the TV to Joe.

Nanny Love

  • Mel hooked Joe up with someone and you can clearly see that it is bothering her.
  • Both Mel and Joe deny the fact that they are a couple who live together when Mel's sorority sister accuses them of it when you could see them not even trying to hide it.
  • When Joe decided to say hi to Mel when she was at work even though he just came to use their clean bathrooms.
  • Joe lied for Mel even though he knew it was wrong and he was putting his relationship in risk.
  • Even though Joe was lying he was technically helping save Mel from being completely destroyed by her sorority sister.

Boy Toys R Us

  • Joe helped Mel organize her closet which made her extremely happy and he volunteered to organize her closet.
  • Joe became concerned when Mel started dating a bad boy she met in a huge club.
  • Joe was the only one who told Mel not to date a bad boy which means he really cares about her.
  • Joe pictured someone who Mel would date before.
  • Joe thinks that Mel deserves someone better then Dylan (bad boy Mel is dating).
  • Joe seemed happy when Mel and Dylan broke up.

The Perfect Storm

  • Joe saved Mel from her father.
  • Joe and Mel made a plan that helped Lennox not move to DC.
  • Joe helped back up Mel which means he always has her back.
  • They helped each other keep their cool when Mel's dad was being rude.
  • They can both tell when the other is lying and they can make each other tell the truth which means they know each other well.

Spies and Lies

  • Mel is curious on Joe's dating life.
  • Rhonda could tell that Mel was jealous of Joe spending time with Tessa.
  • Mel called Joe her Joe when she said "my Joe!"
  • When they were both trying to make breakfast they kept on bumping into each other and sometimes ended up in awkward positions.
  • Joe tried helping Mel find the bully taking Ryder's stuff.
  • Joe didn't pick up the phone when Tessa called but continued with his conversation with Mel.

Up Close and Personal

  • Joe protected Mel's image by convincing Celeste that Mel is a good person.
  • Joe warned Mel that they would change her words around which meant he was protecting her.
  • Mel ran away when she saw Joe and Celeste together.
  • She seemed extra upset when they kissed.
  • Joe helped Mel when she begged him to say some stuff live for her and Celeste (mostly Mel).
  • You could see Mel was jealous when Celeste was standing really close to Joe.
  • Joe denied that him and Mel were a thing to Celeste but you could clearly see he was lying but he wasn't doing a really good thing about hiding it.
  • When Joe persuaded Celeste to change the story about Mel she bought him some food to say thank you but when she saw him and Celeste together she didn't bother.
  • Joe said some really nice things about Mel and he even said he admires her.

Dancing With the Stars of Toledo

  • Joe volunteered to dance with Mel.
  • Joe sarcastically called her cute but it didn't sound sarcastic.
  • Joe listens to Mel which means he must really care about her.
  • They felt good dancing with each other but denied it.
  • Joe gave a speech about tango saying that the woman and man become one and then there was an awkward silence and finally when they spoke they both felt uncomfortable.
  • Joe danced for Mel even though she replaced him with Mark Ballas, she couldn't dance because of her knee and it made him look gay on live TV but he did it for Mel.
  • They both find it hard to say the word apologize which means they are like the same person, two souls which connect.
  • Mel obviously felt bad for replacing Joe with Mark Ballas.
  • Joe looked hurt when he found out Mel replaced him.
  • When Mel took her pain medications she dreamt that her and Joe were dancing and when she woke up and Lennox asked her if she was dreaming about dancing with Mark Ballas and she lied and said she was.

Seoul Man

  • Mel wanted Joe to continue working for her.
  • Joe came running to save Mel as he found out that Ryder printed out a fake copy of his birth certificate.
  • He felt sorry for Mel because his life was so unorganized and because of that he was putting her job at stake.
  • Mel helped Joe find his birth certificate so he could continue working for her which means she really wants him to continue his job.
  • Mel hated the idea of firing Joe.
  • She almost admitted to Joe and said that what really got her upset was the fact that she would be losing him but she discretely covered it up by saying that she was really upset about losing the youth elections.
  • They tried to hug but found it hard to do so, so they just fist bumped.

In Lennox We Trust

  • Joe trains Mel every morning by exercising probably because he wants to spend time with her alone.
  • Joe and Mel work together to try to find out if Lennox was lying or not although it didn't end well.
  • When the mayor said rude things about Lennox Joe looked angry but didn't show it but when he compared Lennox to Mel and said what a disgrace Mel was to Lennox he got extremely angry and tried to punch him.
  • Joe dragged Mel into something she didn't want to do which probably meant he wanted her with him.
  • Mel and Joe were sitting opposite each other when they were eating dinner.

Fright In the Attic

  • Mel supported Joe when he thought there was a ghost in the attic even though she thought it was ridiculous and she told him to check up if there really was one.
  • Mel knows when Joe lies as she knows that his voice goes higher when in denial and she gives him the look which is his weakness that makes him tell her the truth.

(Not that many in this episode because Joe and Mel weren't in that many scenes).

Joe Knows

  • Mel helped Joe create his website because she wanted him to become successful.
  • Mel doesn't want Joe to quit his job.
  • Mel said the opposite to what Joe said/asked which probably meant she liked him when he asked are you just doing this because you like me? and she responded really quickly by denying it and saying no I don't like you! That's how much I believe in you.
  • Mel gave him advice which means she wants him to succeed.
  • Mel told Joe to wear a tighter shirt probably because she wanted to see his muscles.
  • Mel called Joe a hunkymanly thing happening when he was weightlifting which means Mel loves seeing Joe workout.
  • Mel felt sorry for Joe when she saw that he wasn't happy doing the advertisement so she told him to stop doing it even though he already stopped.
  • She said she really cares about him.

Enemies With Benefits

MelissaJoey 2-01 02
  • When Joe told Mel that him and Tiffany were gonna take things slow she overreacted and started to say some insults like that woman is making you lose stuff, you had hair when you met her right? Who knows what you will lose next?
  • Mel seemed a bit jealous that Joe and Tiffany were reconnecting and taking it slow again.
  • When Stephanie was doing an impression on he mum Elaine and she said she thinks Mel has a thing for Joe and you could see Mel was left dumbfounded and yet after the conversation she still seemed to deny it.
  • Joe said he was seeing Tiffany when Mel wasn't around most likely because he didn't want her to overact and because he cares about her.
  • Mel tried to help Joe when he found out he made Tiffany pregnant and he was pretty upset about it which probably meant he didn't want to have Tiffany's child but someone else's (Mel).
  • When Joe said he was going to propose to Tiffany Mel stopped him saying things probably because she was jealous of the idea so she tried to help Joe not think about Tiffany.
  • When Tiffany said she got her period and she wasn't pregnant Mel did a huge sigh of greatness and when Joe and Tiffany looked at her she tried to keep her cool.
  • Mel was looking out for Joe for the whole episode.
  • She was extremely looking out for him when Tiffany said she wanted to have a baby with him and she was getting worried that Joe would actually have one so she decided to give Joe some advice on what might happen if he does subtly and that definitely shows Mel was jealous.

Don't Train On my Parade

  • Mel seemed jealous that Joe was dating her fitness trainer.
  • Mel looked sorry for Joe when she found out Lindsay was just using him so she fired her from training her.
  • When Joe bought the special wine upstairs to share with Lindsay and he found out she was just using him and he kept the wine he probably just gave that lame excuse of not being bothered to put it away just so he could drink it with Mel.
  • Mel regrets leaving Joe with Lindsay.
  • Mel and Joe ate dinner together by themselves without any interruptions.
  • Mel let Joe train her after she fired Lindsay.
  • Mel hates it when she sees the visions of Joe and Lindsay making out on her yoga mat.
  • When Mel said she was going to try a new trainer, local guy, Joe knew she was talking about him.
  • Mel told Joe that he is a true romantic and Joe replied I am.

Lost In Translation

  • Joe helped Mel when she needed someone to translate Toshi.
  • Joe said he would do anything for Mel.
  • Joe helped Mel learn some phrases in Japanese.
  • Mel and Joe was sitting opposite each other when Mel was talking to Toshi and Joe was translating.
  • Joe was protecting Mel when Toshi said some nice things about her that made Joe look angry but he didn't show it.
  • Joe lied to Toshi probably because he was into Mel.
  • Mel accused Joe of being jealous although he made this lame excuse saying he was doing her a favor although he was jealous.
  • Joe subtly put his arm on top of the sofa like he was about to put his arm around Mel.
  • Joe comforted Mel when she said thanks for looking out for her and when she felt bad for accusing him of being jealous.
  • Joe was actually jealous when Mel said sorry for accusing him of being jealous and she realized that he was just looking out for her he said yeah, yeah I was looking out for you which shows he was jealous.

Joe verses the Reunion

  • Mel felt bad when he called and said that he was wrong and she was right so she pretended to be his girlfriend.
  • Mel "pretend" kissed Joe.
  • Mel helped Joe reconnect with a girl he was going to go out with twice when an inconvenience of Mel and Joe and Stephanie and Joe occurred.
  • Mel called Joe handsome, smart, funny.
  • Joe called Mel his friend out in public for the first time.
  • Mel said she over cares about Joe.

Toledo's Next Top Model

  • Mel and Joe were sitting opposite each other during dinner.
  • Mel called a nickname that isn't mean (money guy).
  • When Mel said like you have a brush and then a face Joe laughed a bit.
  • Joe helped Mel look on the bright side when she thought she didn't help Lennox when Lennox chose to quit modeling.
  • Joe said to Mel that she was right which is really rare for him to ever say that which means he must really car how she feels to say that.

The Mel World

  • Joe helped Mel with the wedding by making the cake.
  • Joe could tell why Mel was planning her cousins wedding.
  • Joe gave her advice on how to be the good person on a very difficult situation.
  • Mel and Joe put a plan together on how to show Emily that Bianca was a hitter and cheating on her with many different people.
  • Mel has looked at Joe's eyes before as she said yeah, and it brings out your eyes.
  • Joe said that if he saw Mel at a bar he would probably hit on her.

Auction Hero

  • Mel auctioned Joe but when the winner was trying to take advantage of him she seemed a bit jealous.]
  • Mel said some really nice things about Joe that I am sure she definitely meant.
  • Mel wanted to dance with Joe.
  • Mel told Joe to take off his shirt which means she has seen his muscles and if she liked it she knew that other people would to.
  • Mel felt bad for Joe that Trisha was trying to take advantage of him.
  • When Mel and Joe were on the phone and Joe hung up when Trisha was calling him to do a backrub on her Mel shouted DON'T DO IT JOE! which shows she cares about him.
  • When Mel asked what are you going to do with her Joe replied why do you care she quickly replied which means she really cares about him and she doesn't want anything bad to happen to him.
  • Joe thought Mel was going to do something to him when she said Oh Joe in a sweet tone.
  • Joe comforted Mel when she thought she wasn't helping the school by saying that she helps the kids even though she isn't there for them most of the time but she does give them good advice.

Waiting For Mr Right

  • Joe knows what Mel didn't like in her past few dates maybe so he doesn't have the same problems like they did.
  • Joe finishes of Mel's sentences which means he knows briefly what she might say.
  • Joe advices Mel not to date someone she has no interest in.
  • Joe seemed a bit jealous and surprised that Mel was going to Chicago with Fletcher to meet his parents.
  • When Mel was about to leave for Chicago for the weekend her and Joe said an awkward goodbye like they were going to miss each other.
  • Joe went when Mel called for him to pick her up from a restop which means he truly cares about her because he rushed right over.
  • They both know who Ricky Gervais is.
  • They went to a Ricky Gervais concert together.
  • Mel seemed jealous when Jackie was flirting with Joe.

Young Love

  • Joe offered to cater Mel's party.
  • Joe seemed a bit jealous when Mel was showing George how to do a tie and I think because he was jealous he interrupted them.
  • Joe felt like vomiting when Mel and George were talking.
  • Mel spoke kindly about Joe to George.
  • Joe doesn't want to see Mel get hurt.
  • Mel seemed jealous when Joe went out with Mandy even though she was dating George.
  • Joe made noise when Mel and George was kissing which means he is jealous of seeing Mel with him.
  • Joe really cares about Mel because he told George to look after her.
  • Joe seemed happy when Mel was happy even though he is a bit jealous.
  • Joe started running when Mel said I am going upstairs to take a hot bath... race ya! which means he probably wanted to go.

Mel and Joe's Anniversary

  • Joe gives Mel dating advice on to date people close to her own age.
  • Joe gave Mel advice to tell George that he was moving to fast for her.
  • Joe knows when Mel is uncomfortable.
  • Mel went with Joe to Valentino's with Joe instead of staying with George and his friends.
  • Mel ate dinner with Joe.
  • George accused them of being on a date but they both denied it.
  • Joe knows Mel so he told George to stay at Valentinos and eat together and he got the message that he was moving to fast.
  • Mel said thank you to Joe for helping George realize that he was moving to fast for her as she obviously couldn't bring herself up to say it.

Going the Distance:

  • Joe helped Mel by helping George find a job and get one.
  • Joe knows what Mel likes which means he knows her well.
  • Joe was smiling when Mel was opening up her present.
  • Joe pays attention to Mel even if he says he isn't listening he obviously is to know what Mel likes and dislikes.
  • Mel used one of Joe's lines that he told her which means she to listens to him.
  • Joe told George to get Mel something he knew that was totally her.
  • Joe also knew that Mel loves unwrapping things.
  • Joe seemed happy when Mel and George broke up for good this time.

All Politics is Local

  • Joe warned Mel that her father was upto something which means he truly cares about her.
  • Joe called Mel cute even if he meant it sarcastically he still probably meant it.
  • When Mel was telling Joe something important and he left the room he told her to continue talking which probably meant he wanted to continue hearing her voice.
  • Joe was protecting and looking out for Mel when her father was opposing her.
  • Joe backed up Mel wasn't apologizing to Mel properly and not from the heart.
  • Joe helped Mel stay calm and not overreact.
  • He joked around with Mel which means he loves to have fun with her.

The Other Longo

  • Mel listens to Joe.
  • Tony accused Joe of having a thing for Joe but he denied it but Tony obviously didn't believe that he didn't have a crush on Mel.
  • Joe was speechless on how he felt towards Mel so he made this lame excuse saying he is very protective towards people in this house.
  • Joe seemed jealous when Tony and Mel were doing a photo shoot together.
  • Joe came over during the photo shoot for absolutely no reason but to see how Mel and Tony were doing.
  • Joe was worried with Mel and Tony together.
  • Joe was jealous of Tony and Mel.
  • Mel fell for Tony because he is like Joe and Tony is like the Joe that she can have.
  • When Joe and Tony were fighting they were actually fighting because Joe didn't have the courage to ask Mel out and Tony knew but he just didn't tell Mel because he knew Joe would kill him.


  • Mel gave Joe advice to not talk to Ryder's teacher which means she doesn't want him to get into trouble and that she cares.
  • Joe was looking at Mel when she was teaching Lennox the walk.
  • Mel and Joe were talking to each other for at least two minutes without arguing and they were listening to each other when they spoke.

Play Ball

  • Mel let Joe be on her softball team.
  • Mel taught Joe her dance and they both did it.
  • Mel let Joe be in charge of her office.
  • They were both getting along for a couple of seconds.
  • Mel slapped Joe's butt.
  • Joe tapped Mel's leg.
  • Mel hated the idea of telling Joe that nobody liked his ideas.
  • When Mel finished her victory dance Joe helped Mel up.
  • When nobody wanted to see Mel's dance Joe persuaded everyone to see it which meant he really wanted to see it.

A House Divided

  • When Joe said he quits Mel seemed shocked and a bit worried but when he said good I got your attention and when he said he was joking she seemed relieved.
  • Joe denied it when their neighbor called Mel his lady friend.
  • They shook hands.
  • They agreed on something.
  • Joe seemed concerned when Arnie bought a snake into the house and Mel was scared of it.
  • Mel said our house and she really meant her and Joe's but she protected herself from being questioned by saying her, Lennox and Ryder's.

Do As I Say, Not As I Did

  • Mel hid at the back of the car.
  • Joe helped Mel see what Lennox would do at the all night party.
  • Mel came along to see how Lennox was doing with Joe.

The Settlement

  • Mel kissed Joe.
  • They ate dinner together with candles lit.
  • Lennox asked if Joe would ever ask Mel out but since she didn't finish her sentence, Joe knew what she was asking he denied it.
  • Mel asked Joe if he would be her plus one.
  • Mel seemed upset when Joe was about to quit.
  • Mel seemed happy when Joe came back for his job.
  • They got accused of being a married couple and engaged and obviously they aren't but they both denied of being together as they compared each other to a brother, sister relationship.
  • Mel knows what Joe might say and that means she listens to him no matter how many times she says she doesn't and she does a really good impression of him.
  • When Mel said her office is a Joe free zone she then quickly bought the topic back up.
  • Stephanie asked because Joe isn't working for Mel or living with her anymore if he would ever ask her out and after that Mel seemed to be acting quite weird.
  • When Joe said now lets talk about me and you they both started to act weird.
  • Joe was about to say I was thinking about going out with you but he quickly covered it up by saying I was thinking about going out to the mayors gala.
  • When they were talking in the kitchen it was quite awkward for them.
  • Joe seemed quite jealous when he heard one of the guys who was willing to become the new nanny for Joe's replacement say that his last boss made him stay 6 months after the kid went to college and things got a little out of control and Joe probably didn't want that to happen to Mel.
  • When Mel was talking to Lennox about the couch she was talking about Joe because Lennox was like it is just a couch which snapped her back to reality.
  • Joe said that he treats Lennox and Ryder like his own children which probably means he is referring to Mel to their mum, him their dad and Lennox and Ryder are the kids.
  • When Mel was about to leave to see her new couch Joe said we'll pick this up later which means he wanted to continue eating in a romantic situation with her.

Season 2Edit

I Can Manage

  • Joe volunteered to help Mel with the digging.
  • Mel accidently slept with Joe.
  • Joe said that even though they had a lousy night sleep Mel doesn't look half bad.
  • When Mel put her hand on Joe's shoulder they both felt something and even when Joe touched Mel.
  • When they were talking and Mel put her hand on Joe's shoulder there was an awkward silence and they both just stood there looking like they were about to kiss.

If You Can't Stand the Heat

  • Joe was looking out for Mel.
  • Joe interrupted when Joules and Mel were talking.
  • Joe seemed jealous when Joules and Mel were eating lunch and Joules started to feed Mel.
  • Joe said that Mel is his territory but he tried to back it up by saying Mel's house.
  • Mel was about to say pack your bags and go but after the go she tried to find something else to say so she said to your new room and Joe replied by saying fine, I'll go but when I go I won't come back and he too was speechless but he said back to the basement. This meant that Mel didn't want Joe to leave and Joe didn't want to go.
  • Mel saw Joe shirtless.
  • Joe saw Mel only wearing a towel and drinking.

Good to Go

  • Mel jumped on Joe's back.
  • Mel helped calm Joe down.
  • Joe did a victory dance when Lennox and Aiden didn't have sex and because he knows Mel so well he decided to celebrate by having some wine.

All Up In My Business

  • Joe came in shirtless probably to impress Mel.
  • Joe thought that Mel was having an affair with a married man which either means he was jealous, looking out for her or both.
  • Joe called Mel an attractive single woman.
  • Joe did the right thing and tell Mel she was having an affair even though it wasn't what he thought.
  • Joe let Mel have her own time.
  • Joe bought some stuff to the closest he could get similar from the hotel Mel likes and Mel was going to ask if he wanted to join and she said it like do you wanna and he said yes but she continued her sentence and said put half of this in the fridge and he seemed upset.

The Knockout

  • Mel and Joe sat next to each other in the cinema.
  • Mel was punching Joe for fun so she was technically punching his abs and Joe gave her permission to.
  • Mel asked Joe to take of the gloves for her.
  • Joe compared Mel like him.
  • When Joe said to Mel to punch him on the cheek she didn't want to which meant she didn't want to hurt him.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

  • Joe helped Donald find another job for the sake of Mel.
  • Mel was technically dating Joe as Joe tuned Donald into him.
  • Mel liked Donald so hypothetically she liked Joe even though we all know it is true.
  • Mel was technically dating Joe.

Mixed Doubles

  • Joe and Mel dance together.
  • Mel didn't want to set Joe up with Ariel.
  • Joe said thanks to Mel for setting him up with Ariel so he thanked her by setting her up with an old friend of his.
  • Joe said some really sweet things that might happen when Mel finds her right match, which is closer then she thinks.
  • Mel also said some really nice things about what could happen when Joe finds his special one who is also closer then he thinks.

The Donor

  • Mel seemed a bit jealous of the idea that Joe was going to have a baby with Jackie.
  • Joe didn't want to have a baby with Jackie.
  • Mel tried to persuade Jackie to not have a baby with Joe.
  • Mel was protecting and looking out for Joe when he thought that Jackie just wanted to talk when she actually wanted to have a baby with him traditionally and when Mel got a tweet from Jackie saying that she started to get a bit worried.
  • Mel was protecting Joe.
  • Joe actually wanted to have a baby with Mel.
  • Joe had a dream/nightmare about Mel having a shrine of Joe/Vincenzo (Mel called him Vincenzo when she didn't know that Vincenzo was Joe) which means he must dream about her frequently.
  • When Jackie left they were both laughing awkwardly.
  • Joe actually thought that Mel liked him and he seemed happy but when she said it was just an act he seemed heartbroken.

Eat, Prey, Date

  • Joe taught Mel how to cook a small dish.
  • They got assumed that they were together or had a relationship but they denied it.
  • Joe helped Mel make lobster.
  • They said they make a good team Burke and Longo.

Pretty Big Liars

  • Joe gave Mel advice not to date Haskell's dad either because he was jealous or protecting her.
  • Joe knows Mel really well.
  • Joe helped Mel when Lennox was coming upstairs.
  • They were talking to each other peacefully and answering each others questions.

A Pair Of Sneakers

  • When Joe says baby it makes Mel's stomach queasy.
  • Joe volunteered to help Mel by helping her teach Lennox how to drive.
  • Mel called Joe's shoes pretty.
  • Joe got concerned when Mel got angry for Joe helping Lennox to drive.
  • Mel called Joe her co-parent.
  • When Mel was giving Joe the silent treatment Joe said you can't give me the silent treatment because we aren't married.

Mother Of All Problems

  • Joe tried to get Mel's mum away from Mel when she was rubbing in her face that Mel was still single.
  • Joe tried to help Mel when it came to her mum.
  • Joe was protecting Mel when her mum was being mean to her even when Mel was at work Joe stood up for Mel.
  • Joe said Mel looks like a sweet little picture.
  • Joe knows Mel like she gets hives around her mother.
  • Joe said that Mel could be a Longo and Mel said that Joe could be a Burke.
  • Mel's mum knows that Joe likes Mel and Mel likes Joe because she said that the right guy is closer then you think and she meant Joe.

Wherefore Art Thou Lennox